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5 ways to make travelling by car a breeze this Christmas

5 ways to make travelling by car a breeze this Christmas

1 – Avoid the naughty list: Travel Off- Peak!

Peak driving times in the 3 days before Christmas are 12pm – 2pm. It is advised to set out on your journey before 11am or after 6pm on those dates.


2 – Festive Fuel-Up

No, we are not talking about the bottles clinking around your car boot!

Dodge those petrol station queues and top your car up or have it charged the night before.


3 – Pack like one of Santas Elves

Channel your inner Santa and make a list! Ditch the suitcase and use a laundry basket for easy access. Use packing cubes to organise your belongings and maximize space. Don't forget to check the weather and pack accordingly. Check out our sustainable packing cubes here 

4 – Santa’s Sat Nav

Before you start that engine, pop your destination into Google Maps, it will advise you of delays and accidents on your route, more time for fireside snuggles, yes please!


5 – Jingle Bell Jams

Embrace the cheese and get singing! Stick Season anyone??


Safe driving and Happy Christmas,

Susan ❤️