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5 Ways to take on Blue Monday

5 Ways to take on Blue Monday

The post Christmas blues, low funds and failed New Years resolutions are amongst the factors for making the third Monday in January a low point – but fear not, you are about to take the most snooze worthy day of the year and flip that shit upside down!

  1. Hug the Blues and Show 'Em the Door: Oh, the blues? Yeah, they stopped by for a quick visit. Give 'em a polite side hug, say "thanks but no thanks," and show them the VIP exit. We've got better things to do – like owning the day!
  1. Self-Compliment Sesh: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the most fabulous of them all? Spoiler alert: it's you! Shower yourself with compliments like you're your own personal hype squad. Confidence level: through the roof!
  1. Party Like Nobody's Judging: Who says parties are only for weekends? Crank up the tunes and dance like everyone's watching – because they probably are, and they wish they were as cool as you.
  1. Mindful Snacking: The Snack-tastic Edition: Mindfulness with a side of snacks? Yes, please! Savour every bite like it's the last chocolate-covered unicorn in existence.
  1. Meme Madness: Send your friends memes that are so hilarious they question your sanity. Go for the gold in the meme Olympics – Spoiler alert: you're already the champion.

Conclusion: Let's flip the script on Blue Monday and own that fucker!